Sun and Moon. Gold and Silver.

Just a little idea I had for Taeil’s birthday. Almost wish I would have gone digital, but then I would have missed out on the learning experience with this fun piece.

Photographing this was a bitch and photos don’t do it justice

Colored pencil and metallic paint on black mixed media paper. 12 hours.

Happy Taeil day!!

1aeil: ♡ taeil in eras (pt.1) ♡ happy birthday…


♡ taeil in eras (pt.1) ♡

happy birthday to the person who moves me, inspires me, makes me laugh and sends shivers down my spine with his superhuman-esque voice like no one else does. every era you manage to shine despite the hurdles that attempt to dim your shine and i couldn’t be more proud of how much you’ve bloomed over the past years. i’m happy to accompany you for so many more. #happytaeilday ♡

NCTsmtown_127: 유노형을 따라 follow follow ~~~ 형은 언제…

NCTsmtown_127: 유노형을 따라 follow follow ~~~ 

형은 언제나 우리들의 빛 별 입니다 

오늘 무대 완전 박살 !!!!!! TVXQ !!!! 

We are T !!! – TY 

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